Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

By the way, remember to cut down on moon cakes -- while you're watching and admiring the full moon, watch the calories too :)

Oh yea, my little friend would like to wish you as well.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Overheard - Cats and dogs

There were 2 guys talking in the office the other day. I was sitting quite near to them when the conversation took place.

Here's how it went(not exactly, but the gist of the conversation is there) :

Dude A: It's been raining since yesterday. Many areas near my place are covered with water now.
Dude B: Yea, my place too, there're poodles all over the road.

Surely the dude meant puddles right? Or maybe it literally rained cats and dogs. Hmm, but only poodles? Where did the cats go? :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The flaw with Apple iPod

The iPod series of portable media players(or what we generally refer to as MP3 players) has got to be the coolest, classiest and most coveted among all the portable media players available. Well, with over 100 million sets sold since 2001, we can't argue much with that.

However, until today, Apple has refused to incorporate the FM radio receiver in any of it's iPod models -- even though most other manufacturers have done so.

With iPod's production quantity and Apple's clout, the cost of including a radio receiver would probably be around USD1.00(or much lower than that).

So, what's the frigging reason? FM is outdated? No way. It's still being used all over the world -- even though it may be completely replaced by DAB(Digital Audio Broadcast) some time in the future.

Here, I'm going to tell you the reason. Okay, okay, it's just a theory lah.

Actually, Apple is concerned about the sales of songs on iTunes music store(it's the Apple's site where iPod owners can purchase songs and other media files). Apparently, this online music store business is a big money-spinner for Apple.

You see, the money-grubbing corporate asses prefer iPod users to play songs or other media files purchased from iTunes music store. If iPod users spend more time listening to FM radio, the iTunes music store's sales might be adversely affected.

Of course those corporate asses don't want to kill or mistreat the goose(iTunes store) that lays the golden eggs, and risk getting the shareholders really really pissed. Well, shareholders want golden eggs, not roasted goose mah.

Furthermore, with the competitors lagging so far behind and iPod sales going through the roof, we'll sooner see extraterrestrials walking among us than we'll see Apple bow to our demand. Hmm, I'm starting to go overboard.

There you have it. The reason why iPods don't(and won't?) have built-in radio receivers. Whaddya think?

Just my two apples' worth lah.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Blogger Templates - 3 Columns

I've created some 3 column templates(adapted from the original Blogger templates) a couple of days ago. So, if you'd like to have an additional column for you blog, check 'em out. You can use the extra column for any Blogger widgets (Adsense, Video, banner, ads, text, links etc). Follow the link below.

3 column templates - installation instructions and download

If you use any of the templates, remember to put a link to Instant Byte( in your Links or Blogroll section.