Monday, September 3, 2007

Blogger Templates - 3 Columns

I've created some 3 column templates(adapted from the original Blogger templates) a couple of days ago. So, if you'd like to have an additional column for you blog, check 'em out. You can use the extra column for any Blogger widgets (Adsense, Video, banner, ads, text, links etc). Follow the link below.

3 column templates - installation instructions and download

If you use any of the templates, remember to put a link to Instant Byte( in your Links or Blogroll section.


angel said...

Nice, but I personally find 3 columns kinda 'cramp' but nice work, really. Should bring some traffic to yr blog ;)

Vincent said...


Just sharing... and also to provide more options for all the bloggers :)

keeyit said...

Nice too..

Any templates for 2 column ?

cirnelle said...

Oh goodie. A techy question since we're on the topic of blogs, how in the world can I get my avatar to show up on my Wordpress platform? I've uploaded it and according to the thingy in the dashboard place, it's "all done!" Still don't see it though. Shall link you for future sifu reference.

Vincent said...


Hmm, the original 2 column templates are provide by Blogger. If you mean totally new templates - I don't have plans to create any.. busy lor.

See reply at your Wordpress blog :)

the reviewer said...

Wah! Are there enough widgets to fill up three columns? That would be good to know.

Vincent said...

You can put pictures, banners, javascript or anything else besides the blogger provided widgets .... but don't overdo it lol.