Wednesday, August 8, 2007

3 column templates for Blogger - Download and installation

The original templates from Blogger provide only 2 columns(main and sidebar) -- which may be a bit restrictive to some of you. Here, I've made available a few 3 column templates adapted from the original Blogger templates.

For each of the 3 column templates, I've made sure that the side bars are wide enough for Google ads, banners and other contents, yet the total width of the page does not exceed the capacity of lower resolution screens. You can still change the background colours, font colors and page elements within the Blogger user area as usual.


Dots Dark


Minima Blue

Minima Dark

Sand Dollar


Son of Moto


To download, right-click on the template link(not the picture) and choose Save Target As.


  1. Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard, click the Layout link for your blog.

  2. Select the Edit HTML tab.

  3. Backup your original template(important) to your PC by clicking the Download Full Template link.

    When you install a new template, the old widgets(or elements or side panels) like Adsense, Links, HTML/JavaScript, banners etc will be deleted. Please go to Template > Page Elements, and click Edit for each of your element/widget and save the code/content to Notepad or Word first before installing. After you have installed the new 3 column template, you can put back the elements one by one and copy the codes you have saved earlier.

  4. Click the Browse button to locate the template file (XML file) that you have downloaded to your PC, then click the Upload button.

  5. If Blogger warns you that "Widgets are about to be deleted", click Confirm & Save.

If you use any of the templates, remember to put a link to Instant Byte ( in your Links or Blogroll section.

The templates are provided as is, in good faith, without any warranty, expressed or implied. The usual stuff lah.


The Malaysian Life said...

Cool templates. Very good effort. I'd download a version should I decide to start another blog.

Vincent said...

Thanks. Nothing special really. I just added an extra column to the original Blogger templates :)

rkdsign88 said...

Thank you for sharing, I use it & I love it :)

eQueen said...

how to upload a headerto this 3 column template... i cant upload my blog header anymore... plz help..