Sunday, August 19, 2007

A TOLL-tal disappointment

BUTTERWORTH: Come Sept 1, users passing the Sungai Nyior toll booth of the Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR) will have to pay toll.

The Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) said in a statement yesterday that the toll rate would be from 50 sen to RM2.

The toll rate is 50 sen (Class 1), RM1 (Class 2), RM2 (Class 3), 50 sen (Class 4) and 90 sen (Class 5).

The new rate is slightly cheaper than originally proposed on Feb 12 but deferred due to public protest..............

- The Star (Wednesday August 15, 2007)

Slightly cheaper? My ar*e! The public were not asking for lower rates! We don't want to pay the toll. Period.

Now, I'm trying very hard to refrain myself from swearing. I'm a nice guy, so I won't pepper this post with more profanities. Ugh!!

For those not familiar with the new Butterworth Outer Ring Road(BORR) which was opened earlier this year, well, the Sungai Nyior toll booth is not even on any part of this BORR. The stretch of road has been in used for the past 10 years - FREE.

Along the new BORR, there are already toll booths built. Ok, that's fair. But why build another toll booth on an old road away from the BORR project? Hmmm, maybe they miscalculated and bought too much building material. So build another toll booth somewhere la. Problem solved, extra profit some more. The guy moron who came up with this brilliant idea probably got a big pat on the back, and an even bigger bonus! This is the Bolehland wat. (To the authorities: Sorry, pure speculation on my part. Can't take a joke meh?)

I'm still trying very hard to hold myself back. Grrrrr!!!

The reason for the toll booth was published a few months ago. But I can't remember it now and I didn't believe it then. Because it didn't sound credible enough? Sounded like it was cooked up by the spin doctors?

I'm TOLL-tally disappointed to say the least. Hmm, I might wake up one day to find a toll booth right in front of my house. Hey, strange things can happen.

Aiyoyo Samy!!!!! Yenna daaaa!!!!!

Psst! My pet has got something to say. See picture below.

Now I can't hold myself back anymore. So, excuse me, I'll go bang my head against the wall.

Okay okay, this cute fella is not really my pet. And I don't know what it's actually trying to do. Do you? :)

~No animal has been harmed in the making of this post~


keeyit said...

Hi Vincent,

What to do ? Hmmm... we have to accept it although we don't want to pay... No vote for BN.. =P

Vincent said...

Now now now, this is not a political blog... I won't discuss who to vote for and won't try to influence others.....even tho I'll vote for the opposition ;) kekekeke

angel said...

Haha! U r farnies...

U must be staying in B'worth area, I gather? ;) My parents are there :)

Anata wa Nihongo to iimasu? Oyasuminasai!

Wisdom said...

Not mistaken you still can choose the alternative way instead of pay the money..