Friday, August 17, 2007

Time to 'call chicken'

Guys, don't get excited. If you're expecting any immoral content here, shame on you. This is not going to be an obscene post. It's about language, albeit in a lighthearted manner.

I still remember vividly, years ago, when I was in Japan - a Japanese colleague taught me the word kyu kei.

With a straight face, he said something like, "Ano, kyu kei time desu". We were having a meeting and the Japanese colleague was trying to tell us to take a break, but my Malaysian colleagues and I laughed ourselves silly.

Oh, by the way, kyu kei means short rest or break. Poor chap, he was so nice to us and we laughed like a pack of hyenas.

If you speak Hokkien, you'd probably already know the reason for our irreverence(well, unintentional of course). The word kyu kei sounds almost exactly the same as "call chicken" translated to Hokkien. Try saying it to any of your Hokkien friend and watch the bemused fella's reaction(don't try it on any of your female Hokkien friend though, unless she's a close acquantaince OR you're prepared to spend some time in a hospital)

Ja, mata au de (See you again).

Quick note:
If you'd like to know how to draw a masking tape using Photoshop(with the correct colour, shape and texture), get the Photoshop source file of the above CHICK from Too lazy to write a guide for it, so if you have any questions just email me or 'stick' a comment on this post.