Friday, August 17, 2007

Holiday season again

Yup, it's the seventh lunar month again, the holiday season for the spirits of the underworld(or ghosts if you prefer). As you know, the Gates of Hell are open this month, freeing the invisible chaps for a month of holiday and merrymaking.

With hordes of ghosts marching down the streets, you'd think that this will be a spooky and scary month. But it seems that humans join in the merrymaking as well, oblivious to the invisible chaps surrounding them. Well, the 'scariest' things you'll see are the scantily clad singers performing at the many stage shows.

By the way, the ostensible purpose of the shows is for the spirits' enjoyment, but only humans can be seen enjoying them of course. As we can't see the ghosts rocking and swaying to the songs, I wonder whether they like the shows? Oh yea, one type of 'ghost' can definitely be seen enjoying the shows - the ham sap kuei (if you don't understand Cantonese, please ask a friend).

I've a niggling thought recently - maybe millions of spirits were let out(or billions? anyone has the correct figure?). So who is going to make sure they go back to where they belong when the holiday season is over? What if a bunch of them decide to stay on? What if they decide to revolt against their underworld lords? Hmm, we continue the merrymaking and the stage shows ah?