Monday, August 27, 2007

Learn Bahasa Malaysia

Today, we're going to translate a phrase from Bahasa Malaysia to English.

The Bahasa Malaysia phrase is:

Translated to English:
Water Asia OR Asian Water -- take your pick.

What? You don't believe me? Check the BM-Inggeris dictionary lah.

Dato' Tony Fernandes

Yes Tony, I know it's a piss poor attempt at humour. But what the heck, it's Monday mah! I need to cheer myself up. LOL. Anyway, credit where credit's due -- AirAsia is a great airline. Read the AirAsia and Tony Fernandes (CEO of AirAsia) success story here.


the reviewer said...

Dato' = Grandpa.

I'm sure he's even less amused with that.

Vincent said...

He's been around the block... Surely he'll have no problems with this :D ..... Hmm, I hope so, or I'll be in deep shit :D

Seaqueen said...

I'm assuming you're a frequent flyer with Air Asia since you seem to find them good. :)

H.C. Tan said...

wad la..asian water..haha thanks for dropping by my blog yea =)